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  • What Are Mainland Companies?

    Mainland companies are regulated by the UAE legal structure and government policies and are located within the limitation of commercialized geographical areas falling under the jurisdiction of the Emirates government.

    The benefit to obtain a Mainland company.

    •        Location flexibility and zero trade restrictions.

    •        A mainland company has no restrictions on trade between other businesses and has no limits on location.

    •        Broad working scope.

    •        The option to trade anywhere in the UAE and internationally.

    •        Access to lucrative government contracts.

    •        100% ownership control of mainland business entities.

    •        Ease of getting office space at affordable rates with flexibility to rent / lease office anywhere

    •        No personal taxes

    •        No limitations in getting employment visas and easy recruiting process.

    •        No requirement for minimum capital

    Mainland companies types

    – Limited Liability Company (COMMERCIAL LICENSE)

    •        Very versatile company

    •        100% ownership of mainland business entities.

    •        Office space is required.

    •        Residence visa is provided depending upon the license.

    •        Able to open UAE accounts 

    •        Has access to other GCC markets through its UAE incorporation

    •        Has the ability to register at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce

    – Professional License Company

    •        Only able to conduct business in the specific area of expertise of the license owner / manager

    •        The foreigner 100% shareholder

    •        Residence visa is provided

    •        Able to open UAE accounts

    •        Has access to other GCC markets through its UAE incorporation

    Has the ability to register at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce


    Manufacturing enterprises and industrial companies are required to have an industrial/manufacturing license to operate in United Arab Emirates. An Industrial Trade License is issued by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) of the Finance and Industry Ministry, along with approvals from various other judiciaries. These Industrial License in Dubai is valid for a definite period of time subject to compliance with the conditions mentioned during the issuance. However, it needs to be registered under Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

    Industrial Trade License is issued to organizations that convert natural resources or alter raw materials. This alteration can be in terms of structure and appearance with the aim to produce or manufacture new products, semi-manufactured products or even fully manufactured products. Further, these alterations can be implemented through mechanical or manual ways – implying production, segregating, accumulation, packaging, etc. These characteristics obligate the company to have a physical warehouse inside the country, only after which the Industrial Trade License will be issued.

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